My "MEGA" HIIT Bootcamp Workout!!!

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    Client Difficulty: 10/10

    Duration: 60 Minutes

    Group Size: 1-80

    Workout Categories: On-Spot + High Intensity + All Fitness Levels + Full Body + Cardio + Stamina

    Terrain: Indoor, Outdoor

    Equipment: Light Dumbbells, Exercise Mats (optional)

    *have enough light dumbbells for everyone in your class

    Workout Description: This workout is an advanced on-spot HIIT Workout that will have your clients feeling wow'd by the change up in your routine.

    These compound full bodyweight exercises combined with light dumbbells and on-spot cardio will have your clients burning calories for up to 30 hours after this session.

    This workout is as hard as you make it and as hard as you can get your clients to push themselves.

    Motivate, inspire, and push your clients to give it everything they have.

    If your clients are slacking and your not on top of them, pushing every rep out of them to reach their full potential they will miss out on the positive effects and results.

    Each exercise is sequenced in perfect combinations to shock their muscles and give them the results they are looking for.

    This workout is amazing on so many levels, train it hard, and let me know how it works for you!

    In Phase 2, we line up clients and enter battle.

    This is a 47 minute circuit workout, where clients take breaks as needed.

    In this circuit workout, I have 4 unique stations with 3 different variations each targeting different body parts to create a wicked flow and recipe for results.

    This workout is unique, intense, fun, and will be sure to challenge all-fitness levels.

    Bust out this badass workout to impress your clients and show them you mean business.

    They are going to love this one! Let me know how it goes:

  • my"mega"hiitbootcampworkout!!!