XPLOSIVE PLYOMETRICS! 1 Hour Boot Camp Workout Idea

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    Client Difficulty: 11/10

    Duration: 60 Minutes

    Group Size: 2-80

    Workout Categories: Power + Agility + Flexibility + Cardio + Strength + Abs + Core

    Terrain: Indoor, Outdoor

    Equipment: Exercise Mats (Optional), *Mix of Light/Heavy Dumbbells

    *You will need enough light dumbbells for half the group and enough heavy dumbbells for the other half.

    Example: if you have 30 people - you need 15 light dumbbells and 15 heavy dumbbells.

    **If you have no weights or not enough, no worries.

    I have included a modification for the 2 exercises that require dumbbells.

    Workout Description: This workout is designed to keep regulars challenged and new clients inspired! It's important that your classes are continuously innovating, challenging, and pushing your clients to the next level.

    In this workout I introduced a bunch of new high intensity plyometric exercises.

    Adding plyometrics to your training introduces an entirely new method of increasing overall athleticism, excitement, and results.

    This workout is all about BIG movements.

    You need to push your clients to go higher, go faster, get lower, bigger, and stronger! Plyometrics are all about explosive, short, and compound movements.

    It's important to express how you want your clients to focus on being "BIG", exaggerated, and explosive with each repetition.

    This workout starts with a BIG warm-up to get clients ready for the BIG explosive plyometric drills ahead.

    Make sure clients are loose and stretched out.

    In phase 2 I put together a wicked combination of both new and familiar plyometric exercises.

    Let your clients know to be patient.

    The new moves are advanced and will take practice to master.

    Phase 3 is the Plyometric circuit.

    I wanted to use this circuit to get heart rates up and down while also doing explosive power movements.

    Have fun with this one! Let me know how it goes: adrenalinefit@gmail.com

    Email me (Danielle Chevalier) owner of AXFIT if you have questions about your training or need some advice: adrenalinefit@gmail.com

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