GLADIATOR WORKOUT! Boot Camp Workout Training Guide

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    Client Difficulty: 9/10

    Duration: 60 Minutes

    Group Size: 2-80

    Workout Categories: Legs + Shoulders + Cardio + + Core + Abs

    Terrain: Indoor, Outdoor

    Equipment: Exercise Mats (Optional), 2 Pylons, *Mix of Light/Heavy Weights

    *You will need enough light weights for half the group and enough heavy weights for the other half.

    Weights can be a mix of dumbbells, barbells, sandbags, kettle bells, etc.

    Example: if you have 30 people - you need 15 light weights and 15 heavy weights.

    **If you have no weights or not enough, no worries.

    I have included a modification for all exercises that require weights.

    Workout Description: This workout is super intense.

    You can do this with weights, without weights, and you can modify any exercise to work for your group and environment.

    I have added a modification in Phase 3 if you do not have enough weights or weights at all.

    You can do this workout indoors or outdoors, it's extremely versatile and easy to add your own touch too.

    The Roman Pyramid in Phase 2 puts clients in a head-to-head battle and adds a medieval feel to the workout from the start.

    Creating friendly competition in your boot camp classes can be fun and build camaraderie and motivation between clients.

    This focus of the gladiator workout in Phase 3 is to strengthen your clients bodies from within.

    The workout is designed to target legs and shoulders with a cardio and core blast in-between.

    The cardio exercises amplify and intensify the strength elements, which in-turn amplifies the cardio and core elements.

    The combos of these exercises feed off each other and push clients to their ultimate-max potential.

    Use this workout to successfully create muscle confusion and build true results.

    After completing this workout your clients will feel accomplished and motivated to train even harder in workouts ahead over the next few weeks.

    Email me (Danielle Chevalier) owner of AXFIT if you have questions about your training or need some advice:

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