Wicked Body Blaster! Boot Camp Workout Ideas

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    Client Difficulty: 9/10

    Duration: 55 Minutes

    Group Size: 1-80

    Workout Categories: Cardio + Upper Body + Core + Abs

    Terrain: Indoor, Outdoor

    Equipment: Exercise Mats (Optional)

    Workout Description: This workout hits every inch of the body from head to toe! The combination of exercises spikes clients heart rates and creates a full body blasting workout that will leave your clients speechless.

    Your going to love having this one in your inventory of workouts.

    This workout is true AXFIT Training Style.

    No Equipment, Full Body, and Raw.

    Try this workout with your crew inside or outside, even in the sand or on a hill side running up the hill for the sprints.

    I set the tone from the start with an advanced warm-up that will leave clients floored from the start.

    You need to add in these workouts once in a while to keep clients motivated, to build your brand as a kick-ass trainer, and to show you mean business.

    Be the real deal.

    Feel free to add your own touch.

    Like I said, no equipment is needed for this one, but you could definitely kick it up a notch by adding in weights or med balls.

    All drills can be modified for any new members or anyone with injuries.

    This is an all-around 10/10 difficulty back-pocket workout.

    Email me (Danielle Chevalier) owner of AXFIT if you have questions about your training or need some advice: adrenalinefit@gmail.com

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