Cardio Shredder! Boot Camp Workout Training Guide

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    Workout Description: Today’s workout is absolutely insane cardio training.

    It’s a no equipment necessary, no excuses, no fluff, cardio shredder! Tell your clients to get ready for a lot of sweat and maybe even some puke.

    I love the style of training in this workout.

    Its raw and to the point.

    I’ve used simple exercises that when combined challenge and build cardio of clients at all fitness levels.

    We kick things off with a warm up different from anything we have done before.

    This lets clients know I mean business right from the start.

    Next we get into “Cardio Tag” where clients are pushed to their limits for 2 straight minutes of a partner cardio exercises right after exhausting their body with strategically chosen full body exercises.

    In Phase 3 “Shredder Suicides” I introduce another killer cardio drill, which also focused on endurance, agility, and speed.

    To conclude this cardio buffet I included another cardio drill in Phase 4 to finish…good luck!

    Use this workout indoors, outdoors, in the sand, on a hill…wherever!

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