Advanced Partner & Cardio Home Workout (How to Burn Fat and Get Abs Fast)

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    Build a Strong Core, Reveal your Six Pack, and Shred Body Fat with this AXFIT Home Partner Ab & Cardio Workout Routine!

    Grab a friend, a family member, a teammate…whoever, and get this Partner Ab & Cardio workout going down.

    Working out with a Partner is a great way to build accountability, get support, and have someone to push you to your limits.

    A little friendly competition does not hurt either.

    In this 20 minute workout we kick things off with 1 minute rounds of Partner Ab drills.

    Next we go into a 30 second round cardio circuit that will get the blood pumping and the fat shredding off like butter.

    There is no better way to reveal your six pack then by kick starting your metabolism with cardio drills.

    Push your partner through!

    Finish this workout off with Plank Pushes.

    Go head to head with your partner and see who the last person standing is.

    Who get the best of this workout?

    Let me know how you like this one.

    Make sure to eat right here is a recipe to try out…a proper diet is extremely important.

    I recommend this

    If your a boot camp business owner try these drills out with your crew.

    Simple, yet very effective.

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