Advanced Resistance Bands & Bodyweight Partner Boot Camp Routine : Trainers Guide

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    This is a advanced bodyweight & partner workout routine that hits every body part including some intense cardio blasts to spike clients heart rates too.

    Phase 2 is an amazing bodyweight focused pre-ass kicking routine that will have your clients sweating and feeling it before they even hit the resistance band drills.

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    Your clients will love these new partner band drills! If you’ve been following my workouts for a while now, you know I am the biggest fan of partner drills.

    They are fun, motivating, and open up a whole new world of exercises.

    When adding in resistance bands the exercise possibilities are multiplied 10 fold.

    All exercises in this workout are done with bodyweight.

    Bodyweight exercises are amazing when aiming to increase gains in strength, flexibility, and athleticism.

    Best of all, they can be done anywhere, so you can do this workout indoors and outdoors.

    Client Difficulty: 9/10

    Duration: 55 Minutes

    Group Size: 2-60

    Workout Categories: Full Body (Upper/Lower) + Abs + Core + Cardio + Partner + Resistance Bands

    Terrain: Indoor, Outdoor (with modifications)

    Equipment: Resistance Bands, Exercise Mats (recommended if indoors).

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