BEEP TEST FULL AUDIO (20m/60ft) : How to do the Beep Test (Instructions in Description)

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    The Beep Test measures clients cardiovascular stamina and speed.

    There are 21 levels to our beep test, each level having a varying number of stages that increase in difficulty.


    Place down two pylons 20 meters (60 feet) apart.

    If you do not have 20 meters (60 Feet) in your workout area, place the pylons 10 meters (30 feet) apart.


    Have all clients start at Pylon 1.

    Explain to clients that they start when the beep test audio begins.

    When they hear the first beep, they will run to the opposite pylon.

    **If your pylons are set up 10 Meters (30 Feet) apart, then you must run to pylon 1 and back to pylon 2 each beep.

    The goal of the beep test is to get to the opposite pylon before the beep sounds again (or there and back if your pylons are set 10 Meters (30 feet apart).

    If you make it to the pylon before the beep, wait until the beep sounds again to run to the opposite pylon.

    Remember, you must wait for the beep before starting the next run.

    Repeat this process for each beep until you are unable to keep up with the beeps.

    The beeps are sounded closer and closer together as you move up in levels.

    When you miss a beep you must continue to run to the pylon in front of you.

    You have “3 Strikes”, if you miss three beeps, your out! Your final score is the last level you completed before missing a beep.

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