15 Minute Muscle Building, Fat Burning, HIIT Home Workout (Intense Body Toning)

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    What’s up guys! I call this muscle building, fat burning workout the TERMINATOR WORKOUT…named after the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger it produces BIG STRONG Arms, BIG STRONG Legs, and some 30 second and 1 minute Intervals to burn the difficult to lose fat and reveal your hidden muscles.

    HIIT Training is great for shredding fat.

    By doing combo’s to get your heart rate up then getting into some core exercises like Push-Ups and Power Squats your are burning calories and building those muscles.

    Make sure to eat a high protein meal after this workout.

    I recommend this post-workout meal - http://axfit.com/post-workout-meal-high-protein-wrap/

    If your a boot camp business owner try these drills out with your crew.

    Simple, yet very effective.

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